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    About Tianyi:

    Located in Jinjiang--“China’s Zipper Making Center”, Jinjiang Tianyi Machines Co., Ltd. specializes in research, development, manufacture & service of all kinds of zipper processing machinery. Our products always comply with the international standard, and has got CE & ISO9001:2008 quality control system certificate. 

    In order to ensure product quality & sustainable development, we are committed to enhancing our overall competitiveness, absorbing advanced zipper machinery manufacturing experience home and abroad, applying advanced production equipment, training professional technical personals, and continuing introducing innovative technologies & management systems. 

    Based on the concept of “Technology Oriented, Service Above”, we not only focus on R&D and innovation, but sincerely work together with customers to provide comprehensive technical support and services for the purpose of meeting the requirement of old and new customers home and abroad. 

    Company Outlook: 

    With a beautiful factory surroundings and overall office automation, the company has a comfortable working environment. We always adhere to human-oriented concept, implementing humanistic management. We respect and exploit our employees’ value and creativity, focus unity and cooperation, and shape Tianyi’s brand image with quality and service. 

    R&D Forces:

    With fast modern technology development, Tianyi always keep in pace with the latest market demand, continuously introducing domestic and foreign advance mechanical design. As to product development, we have a group of outstanding professional technicians and high-quality production and management personnel. With a superior R&D center, we have formed a strong research and development system. 

    international market:

    Russia, Mexico, Canada, U.S.A., Argentina, Chile, Germany, Ukraine, Finland, Slovakia, Latvia, Italy, Uzbekistan, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, South Africa, etc.

    Jinjiang Tianyi Machines Co., Ltd

    Address: Qunfeng Industrial District, Shenhu Town, Jinjiang, Fujian, China



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